Dell Inspiron i17R-2895SLV is a good product that can power up your projects in just a few clicks. Whatever project you include from finance to movie nights are easy to handle here. A true combination of the third generation core processor from Intel and Windows 7 premium beats, the laptop is good to continue with several projects at the same time. The hard drive capacity of the laptop is exclusive and makes project management easy and less time consuming. You can make it your communication hub. It is the robust Wi-Fi of the laptop that makes all these tasks of connecting with friends and family easier and smooth. The advanced webcam of the device gives clear sound and picture quality when you are connecting someone at far across place. The 1.3-inch long and bright webcam presents everything as clear as they look in reality.

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Combine the display of Dell i17R-2895SLV with the interchangeable lids of the laptop. It is one such platform in the laptop that helps to match your style with any decoration and make a splash with your closed ones. Now, you have several options to choose the best switch lid to solve your purpose.

Using the laptop may put an end to buying movie ticket. Even 3D versions of the films look exclusively gorgeous and appealing. Connect the HDMI capable monitor or the TV to any other device and watch movies on cool screen.

Inspiron 17Inch Laptop – i17R-2895SLV made bold statement in the world of laptop.

The product features:
What the all-new Dell laptop features? Let’s have a look.

• The RAM capacity of the device is 8GB and it is DIMM type.
• Comes with 2.1 GHz Intel core processor. the processor type is core_i7_3612QM processor
• The hard drive type is 1000GB 5400 rpm.
• Includes 64 premium bit of windows seven
• The careen size 17 inches
• Screen resolution is 1230x 1323
• The size of the hard drive is 1 TB
• Includes 3 ports of 2.0 size
• It comes with lithium battery that works for seven long hours
• The wireless type of the i17R-2895SLV is quite satisfying and technically advanced.
• Moon silver is the latest color but available in pink as well.
• Comes with premium phone support for first three months


• i17R-2895SLV is fast and it works quite smoothly.
• The Bluetooth of the laptop easily connects with other smart headphones and devices
• The sub- woofer in the laptop gives amazing sound quality
• Switch lid system is very useful to change the theme of the laptop cover


• The disk data transfer rate in i17R-2895SLV is quite poor. It is 5.9 per second
• i3 processor would have given much better performance
• The processor is bit elderly for the smart device

Except the processor, all other features of in Dell i17R-2895SLV are praise worthy and quite useful.

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